I am at CD 47 with no sign of a period.  Each time I call the clinic to check in, they say “wait 2-3 more days, then call if you haven’t gotten your period.”  And then I call, and they say to wait longer.  Eventually, they’ll induce with progesterone, which means another 10-14 days until CD 1, when we can get this process started.  I am so impatient.  C is frustrated wtih me and says to look on the bright side–more time to relax, save, and enjoy a few glasses of wine.  But I just feel my biological clock ticking away and it makes me CRAZY.  

In better news, I got some of my test results back–thyroid, hemoglobin and even testosterone were all good/normal.  (I was surprised about the testosterone since I have PCOS, but it was at the high end of the normal range.)  That’s a good sign, right?

Could 2014 be our year?




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