More questions, more waiting

Now CD 49 without a period.  I finally got an answer from the clinic–come in for another pregnancy test and another progesterone test.  The nurse claimed that they are checking to see if I’ve ovulated–if not, I’ll take progesterone to induce a period.  I asked why they’d be checking for ovulation now when I had a (very low) positive hcg test two weeks ago–she didn’t have an answer.  She also didn’t have an answer for why, two weeks after dropping hcg levels, I still haven’t had a period or even any spotting.   Does anyone have any idea?   I’m glad that at least we have a plan to move forward now, though.


I also got the results from my Counsyl panel today–I am not a carrier for any of the 102 genetic diseases for which they screen.  That was a relief–I’d had mixed feelings about the test and felt a little pressured into it on the spot at our initial consult, but now that we got good results I’m glad we did it.  I do understand that it’s not a guarantee, but reassuring nonetheless. 

C and I have officially decided that if this IUI cycle (if/when it ever starts) is unsuccessful, we’ll move straight to IVF.  IVF had seemed so scary and unknown to me, but the more I learn (from other IF bloggers, mostly!), the more manageable it is starting to seem.  Yes, I wish we could get pregnant the easy (and cheap!) way, but since we can’t, I’m thankful that we have an opportunity to move forward anyway.  And reading others’ stories has been so helpful.  I am so impressed and inspired by many of the stories of women who have suffered great loss and disappointment but remain hopeful and positive nonetheless.   Here we go!


2 thoughts on “More questions, more waiting

  1. IVF is our next step too. Which terrifies me, mostly because of the money. And the fact that we may pay upwards of 10 grand and it may not work. Hopefully you won’t even have to worry about that and the next step is successful! Thanks for following my blog!

    • Oh I totally agree! It seems so unfair that we have to undergo financial stress on top of all of the other stress. We are thinking of doing a shared risk program through our clinic–we prepay for 3 fresh + 3 frozen cycles, and the money is reimbursed if we do not take home a baby. If our first cycle is successful, we’ll have paid more than we needed to, but it will take some of the stress out of the equation, I hope. I think many clinics have something similar. Looking forward to following your journey–it’s so nice to read about others in a similar situation.

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