A plan

The results of my latest tests are in–zero hCG, progesterone under 1.  The nurse said I hadn’t ovulated.  I asked how that could be the case since I had a chemical pregnancy this cycle–she corrected herself to say that I had the chemical but that my body isn’t recognizing it somehow, probably as a result of my “severe ovulatory dysfunction.”  Great.  Now I’ll induce with 10 days of progesterone–another couple of weeks of delay.  (And it looks likely that as a result, our IUI will fall exactly in the middle of a planned–but luckily not yet booked–mini vacation.)

In better news, we have an official plan–we’ll do an IUI with Femara and Ovidrel trigger this month, combined with an HSG at the beginning of the cycle.  If the HSG is clear and the IUI is unsuccessful (and I expect both of those to be the case), I’ll go on bcps at the beginning of the next month and start the IVF process.  I’m relieved and excited to be moving forward! 



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