On to the next phase

As I knew it would be, today’s beta was negative.  C is out of town with family issues (that aren’t mine to share but are terrible), so he got to learn the negative result via text message while at the hospital.  

On to IVF.  I’m hoping we won’t have to skip a cycle, especially since mine tend to be 70+ days long.  The nurse I spoke to (one of a zillion there–I literally never speak to the same person twice) initially said that we couldn’t start before a consult with Dr. E., and she didn’t have any availability until April.  A few tears and they miraculously found an opening March 12.  They’ll work on a calendar in the meantime and I’ll start birth control with my period.  (I hope it comes soon….it’s never predictable for me.  But I’m stopping the progesterone suppositories today, so I hope it should be in the next few days?  Does that seem reasonable?)

I am disappointed, but I’d taken enough (stark white) home tests over the past few days to have expected this result.  Here we go! 


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