Shower success!

Despite some frustrating husband drunkenness and procrastination, the baby shower was a success!  We got a lot of compliments on it, and the parents-to-be seemed really touched.  And even more surprisingly, it wasn’t TOO terrible for me.  I really do like the couple and was happy with my ability to be happy for them.  (It doesn’t hurt that the mom-to-be is super sweet and not at all self-obsessed or pregnancy-obsessed.  She can actually have a conversation about something other than her pregnancy.  Why can’t more pregnant women be like that?)  

In fertility news, I am on day 7 of Lupron and the headaches have arrived.  So has CD 1.  I go in Friday for a suppression check, and if all looks good (fingers crossed), stims begin Saturday!  

I’ve found a new thing to worry about, though.  Our clinic closes only 4 days per year–Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, and Easter.  Of course, the Easter closure has a real possibility of interfering with my retrieval or transfer–if I stim for 9 days (fairly likely!), a 5-day transfer would probably fall on Easter.  If I stim for 14 days (much less likely but who knows–my ovaries are slow to respond to Femara and don’t respond to Clomid at all, so they may be slow here too, right?), retrieval would fall on Easter.  What happens then?  Do they just say “oh well, we’ll try the next day”?  There isn’t much leeway here, right?  I’ll definitely ask at my Friday appointment, but I’m worrying in the meantime.  


2 thoughts on “Shower success!

  1. Exciting! I hope your headaches subside, that’s no fun. For me, there was nothing predictable about either of our ivf cycles, and transfer dates and egg retrieval dates never were what was predicted! I would try to not stress too much about the timing of it all, if it does fall on Easter I’m sure your Dr will have a plan for that! I’ll be hoping and thinking good thoughts for you!

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