Suppression check

I had my suppression check (after 10 days of Lupron) this morning.  Everything looked good to go–lining at 4 mm and no active follicles.  (I had over 40 antral follicles per ovary, which is standard for me, and the reason my RE is so concerned about hyperstimulation!)  I am still awaiting estradiol levels, but assuming that is what they expect, I’ll start stims tomorrow.  (My clinic doesn’t call with bloodwork results unless there is a change to the protocol, so I don’t expect that I’ll find out my estradiol level unless there’s a problem.)

I also asked about Easter and what will happen if my transfer or retrieval falls on that day (when the clinic is closed).  The nurse said that they’ll open for me (and, presumably, any other women who need procedures that day…this is a big clinic with multiple procedures per day).  That’s a relief!  If that happens, I think we’ll need to bring in some donuts or pastries for the staff….


2 thoughts on “Suppression check

  1. I’m happy to hear all is quiet in your uterus and ovaries, and that they will open the clinic for you on Easter, if need be. That’s definitely something you shouldn’t have to stress about as you are moving forward!

    • Thank you! That was a relief. I haven’t been entirely thrilled with everything about our clinic, but the fact that it’s a large one (the largest in our state) does make scheduling easier–you can always get in promptly when you need to!

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