Three days down!

Three days of stims down!  (Or 2.5, really, since my doctor has me split up my meds–Lupron and Menopur in the morning, and Gonal-F 12 hours later at night.)  So far so good, although the Menopur burns quite a bit.  I’ve read the suggestion to ice first, but I hate icing even more than the Menopur burn, so I skip it.  (Plus icing would add another 5-10 minutes to my pre-work routine…)  Is it crazy to think that I’m feeling ovarian activity already? I feel additional bloating and twinges down there.  But perhaps it’s all a placebo effect or my imagination or both.  Anyway, I have my first check tomorrow–estradiol only–and we’ll see how things are going and whether I need to adjust my dosages.  As I’ve said before, I’m nervous about how low my Gonal-F dosage is and I’m afraid I won’t respond.  But I am crossing my fingers that I am responding or that if I’m not, they can adjust and things will pick up quickly.  I do trust my doctor but it’s hard not to read about others and compare.  However, I know that most others don’t have the sky-high AMH and AFC that I do.  

In non-infertility news, we had a nice and low-key weekend.  We saw a friend’s new baby, which I was surprisingly okay with–she’s a wonderful friend (and my oldest friend in the world–our mothers were friends while they were pregnant with us!) and has been married 9 years, so it seems more like her “turn.”  She also already has a wonderful 3 year-old son.  On the other hand, she told me that her brother and his wife–who got married the same day that C and I did–are expecting this month, and that was much harder to hear.  C always gets irritated with me when I say things like “they beat us” because “it isn’t a race.”  But I think all of you know that it definitely feels like it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Three days down!

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are starting to feel something going on in your ovaries. I remember starting to be very aware of my left ovary a few days into the stims. And by my clinic’s stim day 6 instruction to reduce activity I was definitely slowing down. The Menopur burn is definitely not fun. Sometimes it burned for a few minutes after and other times only when I was injecting.

  2. Will you remind me what AMH and AFC are? I do know how you feel on that last part. Another blogger just put this post out recently and I love it! I am going to do my own blog post about it soon. You should check it out! I love where it says that others getting pregnant doesn’t take away from our ability to get pregnant and that there are plenty of pregnancies to go around.

    • Thanks–that is a great post! And AMH is anti-mullerian hormone and AFC is antral follicle count. They are both ways of measuring how many follicles your ovaries have. If you have pcos they are both higher. That’s about as much as I know! 🙂

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