Day 7

So far so good….I guess?  I had my day 6 stim check yesterday.  I have 6 follicles they are measuring–2 at 12 mm and 4 at 11 mm.  They do not start recording until follicles hit 10 mm, but there were quite a few at 10 or below that she expected we’d start measuring at tomorrow’s appointment.  That seemed low to me but the nurse claimed that was a good result for day 6.  I was expecting a call back with my estradiol number and instructions for further dosages, but did not get a call.  They’ve told me before that if I don’t get a call, I am supposed to continue the same dose, but the nurse didn’t say that yesterday, so I expected a call.  (And since starting IVF, they’ve always called even if it’s with a “no change” instruction.)  So I continued my same dose last night and this morning and called again today to confirm!

I am definitely feeling bloated and somewhat painful in the ovary area.  It is such a weird feeling.  Until starting treatment, I’d never felt any ovary activity (not surprising since I essentially never ovulate).  I did feel some ovulation pain on Femara–just about the only time I’ve ever ovulated, since I didn’t respond to Clomid.  It’s interesting to me to realize that I was missing out on this feeling that (many) other women experience every month!  I’m hopeful that now that I know to recognize it, I’ll be able to detect ovulation in the future (assuming it ever happens, of course).  One of the (only) silver linings of infertility is learning more about and becoming more in tune with my body–I can’t believe I went years and years having really no idea about my cycle and oblivious about the problems.

I am looking forward to the weekend–a friend from law school is visiting from the east coast and it will be great to spend some time with her.  She’s one of my only friends who is fully aware of this process, so it will be nice not to have to pretend nothing is going on.  She is attempting some assisted reproduction of her own, both because of ovulatory issues and because she is in a same-sex marriage.  I would love it if we ended up pregnant at the same time!


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