That was fast.

Things have happened quickly!  After only six measurable follicles over 11 mm on Thursday (stim day 6) and an E2 level of 709, I returned yesterday to find that I had over 30 measurable follicles and an E2 level of 2534.  The doctor was concerned about a risk of hyperstimulation with that rise, and directed me to stop all stims immediately.  I was concerned–I’d only stimmed for 7.5 days (I do Menopur in the morning and Gonal-F in the evening) and I didn’t have any follicles over 16 mm (and most were more like 12-13).  How could it be time to stop already?  I went back this morning and found that they were right–the follicles had grown a lot, with one at 24, one at 22 and a bunch at 16-18.  (I had a total of 38 measurable, although many of those were in the 12-14 mm range and will likely be immature.)  The clinic called later this afternoon and told me my E2 was only 3216–they were much happier with the slower rise (likely a result of stopping stims).  I trigger tonight at 8:30 pm for an 8:30 am retrieval Tuesday morning.  I can’t believe it’s already here!  I was expecting a Wednesday or Thursday retrieval, not Tuesday.  Unfortunately Colin can’t make the retrieval since he has to work.  (He has Wednesdays off, so I’d been hoping for a Wednesday retrieval.)  But if we end up with a fresh 5-day transfer, that will be on a Sunday and he could go for that!  

Speaking of a fresh transfer, that’s still up the air, but looking more likely to be possible given my lower than expected E2.  Fingers crossed!  I know that delaying 8 weeks isn’t the end of the world, but it would be a disappointing setback at the moment.  My doctor also said that if we are allowed to do a fresh transfer, she would likely only allow us to transfer one embryo, as the higher hCG level from a twin pregnancy makes OHSS worse.  I’d really prefer to transfer two (despite being aware of the risks with twins) but will be happy with either.  Fingers crossed!


7 thoughts on “That was fast.

  1. I hope you’re hanging in there. The last couple of days before retrieval are pretty uncomfortable, but you’re almost there! Be sure to drink lots of electrolytes and eat salty foods, those will help. My fingers are crossed that your estradiol stays within range and they don’t cancel your fresh cycle. But if they do, you will know it’s for the best. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow!

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