IVF Timeline

3/5/14: Back on bcps.

3/18/14: Saline-infused sonogram and trial transfer. All clear!

3/26/14: Start Lupron, 20 units/day.

4/4/14: Suppression check.  Lining is 4 mm and AFC is 80+.  All clear!

4/5/14: Stim day 1–50 units Gonal-F, 75 units (1 vial) Menopur.

4/8/14: Stim day 4–E2 at 202.  Continue same dosage until next check.

4/10/14: Stim day 6–E2 at 709.  2 follicles at 12 mm, 4 follicles at 11 mm, many more at 10 mm.  Lining 9 mm.   Continue same dosage.

4/12/14:  Stim day 8:  E2 2534.  30+ follicles 12-16 mm.  Lining 12 mm.  Risk of hyperstim so all stims discontinued–“coast” for a day and recheck.

4/13/14:   Lupron only.  E2 3216 (they were happy with the slower rise).  38 follicles 12 mm-24 mm.  Trigger tonight for retrieval on 4/15!

4/15/14:  16 eggs retrieved.  5-day transfer tentatively planned for 4/20/14, or Easter Sunday.

4/17/14:  10 of the 16 eggs fertilized and divided normally.

4/19/14:  All 10 embryos still growing.

4/20/14:  5-day transfer of 1 grade 2 blastocyst.  Although we’d hoped to transfer 2, my OHSS symptoms had progressed enough by this time that the clinic was unwilling to do so, as becoming pregnant with twins would make the OHSS much more severe.  (Becoming pregnant with a singleton would also increase symptoms, but to a lesser degree.)

4/21/14:  2 blastocysts frozen.  The other 7 embryos arrested.

4/29/14:  Beta day!  POSITIVE!  Beta is 152 9dp5dt.

5/1/14:  Beta is 348 11dp5dt.

5/15/15:  Pregnancy confirmation ultrasound.  One embryo, measuring on track, with a heartbeat of about 150!


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