TTC Timeline

February 2009: Meet C.

July 2011: C proposes.

January 2012: I go off birth control; cycles do NOT resume.

May 2012: After a lot of pressure from me, OB/gyn orders ultrasound. Diagnosed with PCOS. Doctor tells me not to worry; I will likely ovulate on my own eventually, or if not, I’ll take Clomid when we’re ready to try. She tells me it’s very effective.

May 2012-May 2013: No ovulation and no period. I induce a bleed every three months with progesterone.

August 2013: SIL diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. We discuss cancelling the wedding but decide to go ahead–the right decision.

September 2012: We get married and go on a wonderful honeymoon to Spain.

May 2013: Medicated cycle #1. We decide we are ready to try Clomid. I try 50 mg, CD3-7. I’m very hopeful. Ovulation occurs for the first time in more than a decade, but not until CD45. BFN.

June-September 2013: We take a break from medicated cycles while I switch jobs and health insurance. No ovulation, no period.

October-November 2013: Medicated cycle #2. Although I push for a higher dose of Clomid because 50 mg did not produce a timely ovulation, ob/gyn convinces me to try 50 mg again. No ovulation. BFN.

November 2013: At my request, Ob/gyn prescribes 1000 mg of Metformin per day. This makes me nauseated for a few weeks, but it subsides. I also eliminate dairy, gluten, caffeine and refined sugar from my diet. I also quit strenuous exercise. I request a referral to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).

November-December 2013: Medicated cycle #3. 100 mg Clomid. No ovulation. BFN.

December 19, 2013: First consultation with RE. RE suggests 1-3 cycles of IUI with Femara or Clomid and Ovidrel trigger. Since I’m at CD 35 without a period, she suggests a progesterone and blood pregnancy test.

December 20, 2013: Clinic calls–pregnancy test was positive, but very low, with an hcg level of 4. Nurse says that this could be a chemical pregnancy or a very, very early positive result–since I don’t know when (or if) I ovulated, it’s impossible to say. They suggest that I take another blood test at CD 39.

December 23, 2013: I get a blood pregnancy test taken while visiting my husband’s family in rural Iowa. The local hospital fails to submit the results to my clinic, so no answer this day.

December 24, 2013: Clinic calls–hcg level is down below 2. Either a chemical pregnancy or a lab error.

January 2014: C’s SA: count good, motility poor, positive for anti-sperm antibodies. Clinic says we’ll collect in a medium designed to prevent “clumping” from the antibodies and that IUI is still worth doing.

January 2014: We get my test results back; all normal except for AMH of 27–sign of severe ovulatory dysfunction/PCOS. Confirmed by ultrasound–over 40 antral follicles per ovary.

January-February 2014: IUI #1, 5 mg Femara, Ovidrel trigger. Amazingly, I have two follicles, but we are surprised by a very low sperm count (1 million) the day of IUI. BFN.

March-April 2014: IVF #1.  BFP!!


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